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Klymit is a solutions company that challenges traditional approaches to the conception and fabrication of outdoor goods and apparel.  Part engineers, part gear junkies, part mad scientists, and all outdoorsmen, Klymit was conceived under the idea that the experience of outdoor enthusiasts can be enhanced with new technologies and a different approach that yield quantifiably superior products.  

With the innovation of NobleTek insulation outdoorsmen and women have the opportunity to maintain comfort in any condition that nature could throw at them, unimpeded by the limitations of traditional layering.  With adjustable insulation you save money and weight on layers, and keep doing what you love to do in the outdoors by allowing you to change your warmth on the fly.

Klymit again reset the benchmarks for the industry with regard to camping pads.  Utilizing body mapping technology and loft pockets, Klymit has changed your comfort and performance expectations.  Their camping pads are hands down the lightest and most compact in the industry, and capture the warmth of your sleeping bag underneath you for the first time in a camping pad.  The durability and ease of use of these camping pads is unmatched.

Klymit is focused on one thing: to enhance your experience in the outdoors using the most advanced technologies available.  Get out there and experience the difference.


Part engineers, part gear junkies, part mad scientists, and all outdoorsmen the Klymit Team focuses on bringing quantifiably superior products to the outdoors enthusiast.  We thrive on challenges.  Where others see problems, we look for solutions in cutting–edge science and technology, harnessing breakthroughs into outdoor products that perform at new levels, so you can reach new heights on your adventures.

Cory Tholl, President

As the cornerstone of Research and Development from Klymit’s inception, Cory now leads Klymit as President and CEO .  Employing a business background with vision and market awareness, Cory takes a results driven approach to product and brand development towards strategic growth.  With a M.S in Mechanical Engineering, a MBA, Cory has brought his expertise to influence all aspects of the company. Cory is an outdoorsman and spends much of his time leading his family and scout troops on adventures.


Matt Maxfield, Director, Operations & Development

As an essential component of Klymit siMatt Profilence December 2008, Matt has emerged as the point man for Klymit product development.  With a B.S. in mechanical engineering and business management, Matt combines a masterful skill set with a forward thinking approach that, through his influence in product development, has had a huge impact on who Klymit is. Credited for designing the Inertia X Frame, Inertia XL, and Static V, Klymit's anatomically mapped camping pads, Matt has built a body of knowledge on how to articulate inflatable designs that is unmatched worldwide.  As the mainstay of Klymit innovation, Matt has also proven effective at everything from sales to inventory management to customer service, and is a true entrepreneur.  Matt is also an avid outdoorsman, speaks fluent Spanish, and is a Wakeboard instructor in the summers.


Bart Miller, Vice President of Sales

BartBart is a small business builder and VP of Sales at Klymit.  Before Klymit, he was the sales executive at an outdoor product startup company that sold for more than $100 million.  To-date, Bart was a key contributor to three small business successes during his fifteen year career and made a goal to become considered a serial entrepreneur.  His formaleducation included a business management degree from the University of Utah and an MBA from Weber State University.  

Bart loves to snow ski, hunt, and fish - even though a great day at the office is better than any day outdoors.  He volunteers as an honorary commander at Utah’s Hill Air Force Base, with a youth group to organize outdoor adventures for the next generation of outdoorsmen, and coaches a youth football team.  Now, please purchase some Klymit gear and go have some fun!


Tanner Allen, Regional Sales Manager

Tanner Bio picAs a pivotal player in the Klymit Sales Team, Tanner has brought energy and expertise in sales from his Sports Entertainment and Software sales background.  As a family man with 2 kids he loves to get them involved on all of his outdoor activities including camping, hiking, and his favorite sport soccer. He is a sports enthusiast and is always on the look out for new things and the next great idea which is why he is drawn to Klymit.  He believes that innovation and technology can and should belong in every aspect of our lives and is activly helping others find and love Klymit products. 


Ken Rivas, Consumer Sales Manager

Ken RivasKens favorite way to describe Klymit is "a bunch of outdoor junkies that create gear for other outdoor junkies." Ken is married and has a little boy. He comes to Klymit as an expert in retail and customer service. Ken graduated from Weber State University with a degree in Psychology and Business Management. Ken is a true adrenaline junkie enjoying anything from powersports (4wheeling, dirtbikes, sportbikes, and snowmobiling) to rock climbing, and even the occasional tactical shooting competition. 

Becky Stoker, Shipping & Customer Service Manager

Becky Stoker

Becky Stoker brings a versatile skill set including experience in customer service, warehouse operations and sales.  She has a love for all things outdoors and can regularly be found running, climbing, hiking, camping or just ‘being awesome’ with her husband.  Never settling for mediocrity, Becky is constantly pushing herself and others to excel in everything they do.



Andrew Kase, Regional Sales Manager

As Klymit's newest member, Andrew's diverse sales experience working with specialty outdoor and big box retailers alike make him a great addition to the team. He graduated with Economics and Entrepreneurship & Management degrees from Johns Hopkins University where he also captained the Blue Jays' football team for two years. Andrew loves to bring his trusty Great Dane mix, Hank (and of course his lovely wife!), along whenever he can on his outdoor adventures - whether that be skiing, hunting, disc golfing, camping, or anything else in the mountains. His passion for small business and entrepreneurial drive have brought him to Klymit where he was excited to get back to his outdoor industry roots.

Bill Curry, Assistant Warehouse & Shipping Manager

Bill Curry

Bill has many years of warehouse, shipping, and customer service experience from the bike industry working for one of the major bike brands and now brings that experience to Klymit. Bill’s experience and attention to detail ensures we have a smoothly running warehouse. As a firm believer in "a day goes better when you bike to work” Bill is always found commuting on one of his trusty bikes rain or shine. Bill is regularly found serving in the community helping various shelters & the elderly.  



Outside Media, Public Relations

As a public relations company that specializes in the outdoor industry Outside Media has been key in helping Klymit deliver news about their products, people and business to the community, trade and press.  Outside Media is located in Columbia Falls, Montana and has a team and associates who are all outdoorsmen/women with many years of experience in the outdoor industry.  With more than a decade of experience on the front lines of journalism, they know what the media want.  They get how news works because they’ve been there.  They know the inner workings of newsrooms, editorial meetings, rundowns, assignment desks, anchor desks and field reporting.  They know how to pitch stories because they’ve been on the receiving end of good and bad pitching.  Best of all, they know how to tell stories sincerely and fascinatingly.  They have solid relationships with editors, writers and producers at national print publications and broadcast networks. Klymit is proud to have them representing the brand and products.



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