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Cush Seat/Pillow

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2.89 oz / 82 g - The Klymit Cush is a versatile and comfortable addition to your everyday and backcountry arsenal. It allows you a comfy seat anywhere and any time with its ability to pack away into any pocket.
Cush Seat/Pillow


The Klymit Cush is the worlds first customizable camping pillow and seat. This clever little product inflates in a single breath and allows you to adjust firmness, thickness and dimensions via a truly one-size-fits -all design that packs into the palm of your hand.

Keep the pillow to a single layer and wrap it around your head. It fits perfectly inside the sleeping bag hood. Double or triple it up for a taller pillow. Enjoy the comfy ear pockets that don't leave you with pressure points after sleeping on it all night long.

Lay it down on most anything in a single layer or double layer to have a comfortable seat cushion anywhere from the ball game to the backcountry.


Weight/Mass: 2.89 oz / 82 g
Size: 29" x 9" x 1.5" / 74 cm x 23 cm x 3.81 cm
Inflation Time: 1-2 breaths
Warranty: Limited Lifetime


Customer Reviews

Satisfaction of 100% Review by Kimberly
My boy friend purchased some of your products and I cannot express how pleased I am. We were supposed to go on a camping trip but I injured my back so we ended up not going. But oddly I am still using the Klymit Cush camping pillow everyday.

I hurt my back and since the pillow supports my head and neck in a perfect way it really reduces the pain I feel and the stiffness I usually have in the morning. The organization should consider research into physical therapy products.

Thank you so much, I am really surprised by how awesome this product is. (Posted on 8/15/14)
Cush- Motorcycle Review by Josh Cambra
The Cush works perfectly for motorcycle riding. It's even long enough for the passengers seat. (Posted on 4/11/14)
Great for camping and travel Review by Brock
This pillow is great for ultralight backpacking. It works as a seat too. You can lay on your back or side and adjust the height to fit. It is narrow so it will fit into your sleeping bag. It is soft for plastic and seems to be durable. The edges can be a bit scrathcy but can be moved to eliminate the problem. This pillow is no Thermarest pillow or a pillow from your bed. I rate it 5 stars for backpacking as an ultralight pillow. As a regular pillow where weight is not a problem then don't get this one, get a Thermarest. But, I can put this pillow into my Klmit X-frame stuff sack and they both come in at the weight of a can of soda and about the same size. I plan to buy more of these pillows for may family when we backpack or travel on airlines. For car camping though I have Thermarest pillows. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Good for Kayaking Review by Karl
I purchased this not only for camping but also for kayaking. I use it as a seat cushion while paddling and as a pillow when doing over-nighters. I also have their skeleton sleeping pad also great, especially for kayaking & limited space. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Fits a mummy bag Review by Elmo
Great for backpacking as it does not take up much room. I am a side sleeper and it works great folded over in three layers and placed in the hood of my mummy bag. Fits in nicely and does not slide around. Would recommend some sort of case as it can be a little noisy but not a deal breaker. Easy to inflate and maintains it's height unlike regular pillows that tend to flatten out. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Worth Having one Review by Floyd
I kept this in my bag as a back up since it's almost negligibly small and light. Ended up using it and it was not bad. It wasn't uncomfortable, especially considering the retail value. Its long shape allows it to be folded and adjusted as needed, and it seems pretty tough. The material is a little noisy and not particularly comfortable, but if you put it under a sweatshirt or something, it makes a pretty good pillow. I think it's worth having one around. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Pretty Sweet Review by Reed
This thing is pretty sweet. Serves a dual purpose as both a pillow and a seat. Holds air, and that's usually all I ask for in an inflatable device. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Interesting Solution Review by Leigh
I'm on a constant search for a pillow for backpacking that will improve my sleep comfort at a small weight and packed size penalty. It's tough to find a good ultralight backpacking pillow that provides adequate support without feeling like you're sleeping on a balloon or that slips off the sleeping pad every couple minutes.

The Klymit Cush Pillow is an interesting solution to these challenges. It's design and concept is really creative and has some advantages to it in that you can fold the pillow up in various ways to suit your needs/desires. I've found it to be pretty comfortable both for side and back sleeping positions. When unfolded completely, it can work as a narrow but comfy seat or back rest around camp or during breaks. I've also had pretty good luck using it as a pillow on airline flights. The chambered design doesn't need much air to blow up, one or two big puffs is enough.

The drawbacks to the design are relatively minor but worth mentioning. The valve can be a little tricky to fully lock or fully open. This can sometimes make inflating or deflating a little more involved than it needs to be. I often have to roll up the pad to squeeze out most of the air before I go back and then properly fold it to put it away. It's also somewhat annoying having to re-fold the pillow each time you change positions in the middle of the night to optimize comfort. Finally, it'd be nice if there were cord loops or some other means to help secure the pillow in place to the sleeping pad so that it's less likely to slide around.

For now, I'll keep using it and comparing it with the other pillow I've been experimenting with but generally, I can say I've found this pillow to be more comfortable than most of the other ones I've tried. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
not hard to deflate Review by Antonia
I use the Klymit Cush folded in thirds in the head of my sleeping bag, and also folded in half to sit on. It lives in a small compartment of my backpack.

Some commentors here say the cush is hard to deflate. It isn't that hard. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Useful and Durable Review by Danilo
This item is useful as a lightweight extremely small pack size cushion. I have found it to be durable. It functions best for me as a seat. My rear end being smaller than my head. Good on rocks or tree roots etc. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Worked well Review by Dominick
Rolls up small for backpacking. Still need to put my fleece folded up over it to make a decent pillow. But, when you are packing lite and space is crucial, it does very well. Worked just fine. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Pefect for long flights Review by Gaston
I wish I had one of these many years ago. Perfect for long flights as well. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Versatile Review by Chester
I used this pillow a couple of times. Some occasions as a seat cushion on benches or the ground, and sometimes as to sleep while camping. I couldn't keep the pillow "folded" while sleeping but I had it inflated to a point that wasn't the best for folding. None-the-less, still much better than not having a pillow and it packs up super small. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
No Neck Pain Review by Jamal
I camp out on my motorcycle trips therefor I was looking for a pillow that would pack well and offer my neck relief after a long day of riding which is the most important thing as a rider I need, a good nights sleep with no neck pain due to an uncomfortable pillow. This has done the neck pain! (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Stackable Review by Denis
Great pillow. I've been using another brand inflatable pillow, but it was not tall enough to be comfortable if I slept on my side. This is way more versatile as it can be folded or stacked to different heights. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Handy Pillow and Seat Review by Andre
This is a really handy pillow. The ability to use it as a prop is a little overzealous. But I sleep on it and found it comforatable (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Compact Review by Gregory
Very compact and blows up and folds over for a great pillow. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
On the move Review by Jesse
The Cush Pillow by Klymit is a great item to take with you when you're on the move. Deflated, it is of minimal size. Once inflated it can be used in a number of configurations as a pillow. I like the way it fits inside the hood of my mummy bag with its ends folded under. Too soon to know if it's durable. If you don't like the surface material you can always place one of your clothing items from your pack over the Cush Pillow when it's bed time. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
favorite pillow Review by Carson
If I could only bring one "Luxury Item" on and SUL trip- it would be a great pillow. This is my favorite sleep pillow and the extra quality of sleep after an exciting and long day helps me recover on the trail (Posted on 12/2/-1)

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