• Motion 35

    Motion 35


    24.5 oz / 695 g - Now Available! The Klymit Motion 35 is an ...

  • Camping Gear Bundle

    Camping Gear Bundle


    A $455 Value that includes Motion 35 Pack, Static V Camping ...

  • LiteWater Dinghy (LWD)

    LiteWater Dinghy (LWD)


    35 oz / 992 g - Designed with input from Pro kayakers and pa...

Packs, Sleeping Bags, Rafts

Packs, Sleeping Bags, Rafts

Packs, Sleeping Bags & Rafts

It takes a lot of gear in order to have a fun and successful backpacking trip. Klymit was founded by experienced backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to make camping, backpacking, hunting, and other outdoor trips more comfortable. The result was a cutting-edge lineup of lightweight backpacking supplies that can be purchased at an affordable price. Our unique pack frames are able to easily transfer weight and ease the burden of hauling a backpack. Our ultralight backpacking supplies also feature a compact sleeping bag and a pack raft that be reduced to the size of 4x9 inches. The LiteWater Dinghy is lightweight, durable, and can be easily taken on long treks. With this lightweight dinghy, you’ll be able to easily cross rivers and lakes while keeping yourself and your supplies dry. A new raft may just be what you need to take your camping experiences to the next level.

With us, you’ll get high performance at a low price, so there is no reason not to choose Klymit for your lightweight backpacking supplies. Take a look through some of the products on this page. Whether you need a raft, a camping gear bundle, or a pack frame, we have what you need. Looking for more backpacking gear? Check out some of our other pages.