Inertia X-Lite

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6.1 oz / 173 g - Lighter, more compact, more durable and more comfortable, the Inertia X-Lite is the lightest and most technically advanced 3/4 length camping pad on the market.
Inertia X-Lite


You CAN believe your eyes, at 6.1 ounces the Inertia X-Lite is the world's lightest, most compact, and most technically advanced 3/4 length camping pad ever. Designed with body mapping technology it gives you support and comfort where you need it and not where you don’t. The Inertia X-Lite rolls up smaller than that banana in your pack, and can be inflated with as little as 2 breaths. It offers the adjustable comfort through the use of a dry air pump, which allows you to reach higher pressures than ordinary mouth-inflatable pads.

The cut out regions of the pad not only reduce the pad's bulk and weight, but are the basis for Klymit's patent pending Loft Pocket Technology. Loft Pockets allow the insulation on the bottom of sleeping bags to maintain loft and warmth beneath your body, where it would normally be compacted and useless, while promoting breathability. Built with durable ripstop 30D top and 75D bottom fabrics, the Inertia X-Lite is also one of the toughest pads on the market.

  • Ultralight Sleeping Pad (¾ Length)

  • Packs the size of an 8 oz soda can

  • Lightest, most compact sleeping pad on the market

  • Award winning loft pockets for breathability and warmth

  • Pressure point body mapping provides support

  • Ideal for fast and light adventure


Weight/Mass: 6.1 oz / 173 g
Dimensions: 42" x 18" x 1.5" / 107 cm x 46 cm x 4 cm
Type: inflatable Sleeping Pad
R-Value: Loft Pockets
Inflation: 2-4 Breaths
Packed Size: 2.5" x 5.5" / 6.4 cm x 14 cm
Includes: Dry Air Pump, Stuff Sack, Patch Kit
Fabric: 30D Polyester Top / 75D Polyester Bottom
Warranty: Limited Lifetime


Customer Reviews

1 1/2 inches of comfort Review by deacon
using this daily, stealth camping in Golden Gate Park San Francisco (Posted on 10/26/15)
Fits my proportions & it's warm! Review by A Skirt In The Dirt
I used the full size version of this pad, the X Frame, last summer and loved it, but the body mapping (the pad frame) didn't exactly line up with my proportions. I still slept well with it, but sometimes had to shift around. I've recently used the X-Lite and was so pleased with how well it fit me. I had been resisting torso pads because I thought I wouldn't be warm or comfortable with them. This 3/4 length pad was excellent for my 5'6" dimensions, it was very comfortable, warm, and super easy to handle. I'm definitely taking it on my upcoming 3 month hike. FIVE STARS! (Posted on 4/18/15)
Great Product Review by Augustus
Just bought this pad Klymit Inertia X-Lite Camping Mattressand it is light, 6 oz. Used it three weeks ago and it handles as promised. A slight problem could be for those who are side sleepers (I am) as the pad is really meant for back sleepers. It still works, just not quite as well, but remember it is also a mere 6 oz. For those who like to push the limits to ultra light and still be comfortable, this is it. It is also small.

Blows up fast, not the 2 and 1/2 breathes as promises but not more than 5. The pump is the key. You can make the pad as hard or soft as you like by using the pump to increase the firmness. A little tricky at first, the instructions could be better, but once you master it the process is easy.

All in all a great product. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
What's not to like Review by Demetrius
At under seven ounces, this torso-length air matress, combined with a lightweight foam pad under it (I use one made by Alps Mountaineering that weighs eight ounces), is a warmer, more comfortable sleeping pad system than the Neoair, in my opinion. A total pad system weight of under a pound, with a fail-safe closed cell foam pad for warmth and as a backup. What's not to like? (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Would Refer to a Friend Review by Gregorio
I purchased 3 for my wife, 10 year old son and myself. I was prepared to return them if they weren't great. I am 6', my wife is 5'8" and my son is tall for a 10 year old. We tested them at home one night with them inside the sleeping bags. We all were happy with them. It did take some time getting used to them inside. I sleep on all sides and never woke up uncomfortable. We have since spent 4 nights at J-Tree and all is great. The real test will be this summer in the Sierra, the real reason we purchased these. The size and weight is unbelievable and it looks like they are made very durable. They take just a few breathes to inflate and we share one of the inflators to add just a bit more. If you are super picky about absolute comfort, you might want a heavier, larger pad. Also, this would probably make a poor winter pad. BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Sold on it Review by Eloy
I have slept on this pad several nights now and am almost completely sold on it. I will probably get another next time they're on sale. More comfortable, lighter, and compact than my closed cell foam pad or other inflatables we've had. I find it plenty comfortable without using the supplied air pump. Looking forward to testing the performance in cool conditions. It will fit children or really short people if you flip it end for end and sleep with your head at the foot end of the pad. My only reservation is that is is an air mattress and may fail someday. We'll see how they hold up in the long run and against our kids. I rated it four stars, but was close to giving it all five. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Weight and Space Saver Review by Normand
This product saves a lot of weight and space, and it is comfortable. In the future I will work on fine tuning the matress inflation. The hand pump could probably pop the mattress if you were foolish enough to work at it. In cold weather, you'll still want to have a foam pad to insulate your legs from the cold ground. I've got ten days of hiking in the Sequoias planned for this summer and am thrilled that I purchased this product before heading up there.
(Posted on 12/2/-1)
No problems Review by Allen
went backpacking with it; no problems with packing it or using it; easy to inflate; a little more difficult to deflate and pack away but no big deal. Sometimes when turning in my sleeping bag my hand would catch in the spaces made by the product's "connecting tubes". It kept me warmer than normal because the product raised my body from the sleeping bag (you slip the product into the sleeping bag and sleep on top of it) and the spaces between your body and the sleeping bag warms up. (Posted on 12/2/-1)

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