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16.8 oz / 476 g - With comfort features like a built in pillow and side rails, the Inertia XL was created with comfort in mind so you can feel pampered while camping and yet still come in at an ultralight weight.
Inertia XL


Like its nimble little brother the Inertia X Frame, this Inertia XL is the lightest, most compact and technically advanced camping pad in its category of oversized camping pads. The Inertia XL offers increased support, body mapping, coverage area, tossing room, and even an integrated head cradle pillow.

The Inertia XL accommodates more body shapes and sizes with its more neutral body map design. The Inertia XL offers the same technologies as the Inertia X Frame, such as loft pocket technology, customizable pressurized comfort and support, ultralight and compact, and low volume for inflation. This is the ultimate pad for those looking for a little more comfort and support but still want the smallest, lightest thing out there.

  • Ultralight Sleeping Pad (Oversized)

  • Award-winning body map with extra width and length

  • Hand pump for custom comfort

  • Deep welds for increased thermal efficiency and flat sleeping surface

  • Dynamic movement to move with you while you sleep

  • Ideal for fast and light adventure

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Weight/Mass: 16.8 oz / 476 g
Dimensions: 78" x 25" x 1.5" / 198.1 cm x 63.5 cm x 3.81 cm
Type: Inflatable Sleeping Pad
R-Value: Loft Pockets
Inflation: 5-7 Breaths
Packed Size: 4" x 8" / 10.1 cm x 20.3 cm
Includes: Dry Air Pump, Stuff Sack, Patch Kit
Fabric: 75D Polyester
Warranty: Limited Lifetime


Customer Reviews

Great pad better customer service Review by Ken from MN
I purchased the inertia XL a few years back to use on my motorcycle trips across the country. Took a while to get use to the system and getting the pressure right, but then it worked great. I have used this pad on some pretty undesirable surfaces and it held up great. From MN to CA and MN to Newfoundland and back. On the last couple nights of last trip the pad started losing air, I thought it may have a small hole, but couldn't find it until I got home and tested it in the tub which is when I discovered it was actually leaking slowly out of the valve. I contacted the company, sent it back and within a week and half they sent me a brand new one with a different valve system. Customer service was great and I will definitely look to Klymit for products down the road.
(Posted on 4/7/15)
Fabulous Customer service. Review by Steven Gaub
I was having trouble with my mat going flat. A water test showed that the high pressure valve was leaking. I contacted customer service and they replaced the mat and a cover for the high pressure valve stem was included. I believe the valve was also improved. Fast top notch customer service makes a huge difference.. (Posted on 2/24/15)
No Regrets Review by Barrett
I needed a replacement pad for my aging 3/4 insulated one but didn't want more weight. After a bunch of research I settled on the Klymit Inertia XL pad. At just one pound it was the same weight as my old 3/4 legth pad but in a full size, it also packs down to less them half the size of the old one huge bonus.
OK that's enough about the pad let's talk about me for a sec, I am not a small guy at 6'1" and 240 pounds (mostly muscle)but 240 is 240 no matter how you look at it. This being said this pad offers plenty of room and support. The first night I got it I did a test run in the yard, when I woke up in the morning it took me a second to realize that I was outside and not in my bed. This is how comfortable this thing is.
I've since had it out in the field and I tell you that I've never slept so well. As far as warmth goes you'd be surprised how well it does because of the cutouts that allow your sleeping bag to loft uncompressed. I slept in a 20 degree down bag with nighttime temps dropping to the high 30's and didn't have a problem. I can't wait to see how low I can go later in the season.
In closing awesome pad buy it, if your on the fence buy it, you wont regret it. (Posted on 6/6/14)
Jungles of Vietnam Review by Mark S.
Testing out my Inertia XL in the jungles of Vietnam, works great with Hennessy Hammock. Highly recommend it for not just ground but for hangers. (Posted on 1/27/14)
Inertia XL Review by Guyz
"Great compact design is true spacesaver and lightweight. Works well when put inside sleeping bag, especially effective when using a Hennesay Explorer Deluxe Hammock. Especially liked the small hand inflation device provides adjustment to pad effortlessly"- Sam S (Cataula GA) (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Highly Recommended Review by Willy
If you're a large person like me, traditional inflatable sleeping pads are a bad joke. They absolutely do not support heavy frames. Add to that their relative bulkiness for what you get out of them and, for me, they are not an option. I bought this Klymit, though, because a friend of mine suggested it and it's amazing. It nearly as comfortable as sleeping on an inflatable mattress, but at a tenth of the weight and an eight of the size, especially if you count a hand or foot pump. I can't reccomend this highly enough for anyone who's had difficulty sleeping on traditional thin sleeping pads. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Won over Review by Jarvis
The unique design caught my attention at first, but after trying it out it was the performance that won me over. Great pad. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
The best Camping mat all things considered Review by Nick A.
This is my absolute favorite mat. I've never found anything better for a combination of comfort, weight, and price. I've slept quite a few nights on the smaller X frame, and that model is really minimal - great for ultralight camping, but not for everyone. This model is focused entirely on comfort for average users - it's wider and longer and has a built in pillow bulge (I just cover it with a shirt - no extra pack pillow required). This model is still lighter and smaller than virtually anything else on the market, even with the included hand pump and patch kit, and it's also cheaper than even the bulkier competitors. The pad can be used below freezing, although the manual suggests adding a separate ground mat for insulation. For 3 season camping, it's hard to imagine a better designed pad at any price. This is the one for me - I'm a complete convert to Klymit, without reservation. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Great Hiking Addition Review by John M
I cannot stand carrying sleeping pads when I backpack but staying on some surfaces are horrible. I was looking for a pad that breaks down small and won't deflate while sleeping. This pad is about the size of a regular gatorade bottle and after inflating and deflating it, it is easy to make it that way again. Sleeping on this is pretty comfortable. The downside is the price. A little more than I wanted to spend but not having a huge sleeping pad straped to my ruck and having the same comfort as one of those makes up for it. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Very Nice Review by Ross N.
Keeps you off the floor, but only just enough. Weight savings over my 4" down-filled number. Easy and quick to inflate. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
260lbs and it was comfortable Review by Genzeka
I use to own the roll up sleeping mats that you had to put on the outside of your bag at top or bottom of your bag. This mat is AWESOME!!! It's compact so you store it in your bag, it holds my weight & is very comfortable to lay on. Very much worth the money & buy. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Best for the money Review by Williams
Can't wait to use this in the field actually did a trial sleep night and camped out on the living room floor with my boys. The mattress is very well built and their claim of a 4-5 breath inflate is accurate. I did use the hand pump to significantly increase the psi and firmness of the mattress. I am 6' 2" and about 235 lbs. and I slept comfortably on it all night. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Highly Recommended Review by Brandon N.
My wife and I live in China, the land of the incredibly hard bed. The average bed here is not much more than a box spring with about 1/4 inch of padding. My wife has Fibromyalgia, and we travel frequently. Until we bought this for her she had problems sleeping in even the expensive hotels not to mention sleeper trains. Now we never leave home without this mattress. We had our tailor make up a cover for it in a soft nylon and she blows it up every night. It only takes a few puffs to inflate this, and she can sleep comfortably. I am 5' 10" and well built, she is 5' 5" and lovably plump, we both find this mattress comfortable. We do not carry the hand pump because it takes so much more time to use. The mattress is lightweight, can fit in even a small bag, and folds up easily. I highly recommend it for everyone who wants a good night sleep when traveling. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Slept Great Review by Bill
I just finished a four-day kayaking trip with this mattress. I'm old enough to enjoy senior benefits, and a good night's sleep is something I look forward to. Every night with the Klymit mattress, I slept great! At 5'8" and 160 pounds, the pad gave excellent support, comparable to my old Therm-a-rest. It's firm enough to cushion, even while sleeping on my side. With temperatures at the freezing mark, I found having the pad under my sleeping bag did not offer as much insulation as I hoped, despite the added lofting from the pad's voids and ridges. The next night I put the pad inside my bag and was much more comfortable. Once nightly lows were up into the forties, the pad was again placed under the sleeping bag, and it did great. I think the mattress will really be in its element in warm weather. One really nice benefit is the fabric isn't slippery, and my sleeping bag didn't slide downhill during the night. It's a marvel that so much comfort can be so compact and lightweight. And, it really does roll small enough to put back in the carrying sack! The fabric and construction seem robust, but the design is so minimal, it makes me worry that it may be frail. As always with durability, time will tell. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
First Pad Review by Arden
First pad, used to be bare minimalist, this is light, easy to pack, small, easy to use. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Really Comfortable Review by Chester
Likes: What I like most about this product is that you no longer have to sacrifice comfort and durability for pack weight! It's surprisingly really comfortable. Size of pad is perfect - I'm 5'9", 175lbs.
Dislikes: Nothing (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Great with a hammock Review by Lloyd
Likes: Great compact design is true spacesaver and lightweight. Works well when put inside sleeping bag, especially effective when using a Hennesay Explorer Deluxe Hammock. Especially liked the small hand inflation device provides adjustment to pad effortlessly.
Dislikes: Although it only takes a couple of full breaths to fill, the humidity of breaths may be problematic over time. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Very Comfortable Review by Guy
Likes: This is one of the most comfortable pads I've used. I took it on a Scout backkpacking trip and it was wonderful. It rolls up compact and is super lightweight. I'm a big guy and it was plenty wide enough for me.
Dislikes: nothing. (Posted on 12/2/-1)
Very Good Review by David
At some point, every backpacker has to make a difficult decision: bring along the extra comfort of a sleeping pad or go without to reduce weight and bulk. Most of those that have made the decision to not bring the sleeping pad along probably end up regretting it the next morning. Klymit is one of several brands trying to keep their customers from having to make this decision, but they have approached it a bit differently. By combining a love for the outdoors with chemistry know-how (they actually refer to themselves as mad scientists), this Ogden, Utah company has developed a line of gear around the use of the NobleTek insulation they have developed. While they offer base layers, a sleeping bag, a pack, and several different vests, we feel that their sleeping pads are where Klymit shines most.

The Inertia XL is an over-sized sleeping pad, yet still weighs only 16.8 oz. and packs down to roughly the size of a water bottle. All of the sleeping pads offered by Klymit can be filled with argon gas (Posted on 12/2/-1)

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