Seam & Welding

Since day one Klymit has been driven by using and developing cutting edge technology. One of the technologies that Klymit is known for is the use of welding fabrics to create anything inflatable. Those who have been to Klymit HQ in Centerville, UT have seen the walls adorned with prototypes of pretty much anything you can think of along with all of the iterations of camping pads that led up to the production of the Inertia and Static camping pad lines. Klymit quickly became experts in the welding of fabrics into functional and unique designs. In the process Klymit developed and automated their prototyping capability to speed up the time it takes to go from idea to production. Now in a mater of minutes rather than days, weeks, or months a new design can be proven out and tested.

With such capabilities Klymit is open to and is currently working with manufacturers from various industries to develop, test, and produce inflatable goods.



  • Inertia X Frame

    Inertia X Frame


    9.1 oz / 258 g - The widely acclaimed Inertia X Frame features loft...

  • Static V Luxe

    Static V Luxe


    26.5 oz / 750 g - The New Klymit Static V Luxe represents a landma...