Your Complete Camping Gear List for Under $200

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Your Complete Camping Gear List for Under $200
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I go camping about a half dozen times a year these days and I’m the first to admit I’m obsessed with the gear that goes along with it. When not actively planning a trip or already on one, I often spend the evening rearranging the shelves on which my various tents, packs, sleeping pads, and other such supplies are stored. I suppose I try to justify how much of the stuff I’ve accrued by reorganizing it when not actually using it.

If you’re headed out for a three-week trek through the Grand Canyon or you’re pushing for the summit of Denali, spend the extra cash and invest in Klymit Inertia O Zone pad — it weighs about three-quarters of a pound and packs down to measure three by six inches.

You can read Steven John's entire Camping Gear List at The Manual here. 

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