Frequently Asked Questions

Sleeping Pad FAQ

What is your Return Policy?
All pads returned within 21 days of purchase in 'like new' condition qualify for a money back guarantee.

How do I clean my pad?
Pads perform best when cleaned regularly in warm water and hung dry. For particularly dirty pads mix 2 cups of warm water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and wipe down with a washcloth. Rinse well. Do not use any detergents, even natural detergents. Do not put in a washing machine. Close the valves before hand washing. Excessively dirty or soiled pads will not qualify under our warranty policy.

Why body mapping?
To achieve maximum comfort and insulation for minimal weight, our pads use Body Mapping technologies to focus padding and support where your body needs it and eliminate materials where there is no need for them. We approach these two ways:

  • Ultralight Body Map (Inertia Pads): The Inertia sleeping pads place support only where your body touches the sleeping surface. Remaining areas are removed to minimize weight. Removing these chambers improves air circulation, makes inflation quick and easy, and creates Loft Pockets that allow your sleeping bag to maximize its thermal performance. The Inertia X Lite and Inertia X Frame use an ultra-minimalist mapping technology, the Inertia O Zone pads leverage a more neutral body map.
  • V Chamber Body Map (Static Pads): Our specially developed V-shaped design delivers superior support and comfort no matter how you sleep – on your side, stomach or back. The V-shape couples with integrated side rails to trap air so it does not shift from chamber to chamber. The result is uniform, consistent support at all points of contact – head, hips, shoulder – so comfort and insulation are never compromised.

Why are there cut outs?
The cut outs are called loft pockets. They increase warmth while decreasing weight. They also allow for a breathable pad on a hot summer night.

What are loft pockets and how do they work?"While traditional flat pads compress your sleeping bag’s fill and impact its ability to trap body heat, our pads’ leverage construction technologies that allow your bag to loft at the bottom – as it does at the top – and help you retain more body heat for a more comfortable sleep. We employ two lofting technologies:

  • Loft Pockets: Strategically placed voids in the pad architecture allow your sleeping bag’s fill to expand into an empty space for maximum thermal performance top and bottom.
  • Deep V Welds: A deep welding pattern create expansion zones that allow your sleeping bag to loft beneath you for improved thermal comfort and a more efficient sleep.

What is the R Value?

  • Static V Line: There are many factors when keeping warm.  The Sleeping bag rating, the clothes you are wearing, the temperature of the ground among others, all factor in to how warm you feel.  Our insulated pads are the warmest we make (R-Value 4.4) and are designed to keep you warmer than uninstalled pads. A sleeping pad’s R-Value measures its ability to insulate you from the cold ground and keep you warm. The higher the R-Value, the more effective it is.  
  • Inertia Line: Klymit Inertia pads do not have an R-Value because they use the warmth from your sleeping bag.  If you have a sleeping bag that is rated to 35 degrees, then you can use any of our Inertia camping pads at that temperature.

What if I get a puncture?
Klymit provides the best patch kit in the industry. It gives you two patches with the actual fabric of the pad. For an article and video of how to use the patch kit, click here. We also stand behind our products with a limited lifetime warranty.

Is there a warranty? 
At Klymit, we are committed to the highest level of materials and workmanship. When purchased from an authorized dealer, all our products are 100% guaranteed against manufacturing and material defects.  Klymit camping pads purchased from an authorized dealer are guaranteed for the life of the product.  Items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Klymit.  If a replacement product is unavailable or discontinued, a comparable product will be substituted. This warranty does not include damage from normal use, wear and tear, unauthorized changes or modifications or any abuse or neglect. 

To make a warranty claim please click here.

What does the limited lifetime warranty cover?
All Klymit products are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing and material defects.  Klymit camping pads and pillows are warranteed for the life of the product; Klymit sleeping bags and backpacks are warranteed for a period of two years from the date of purchase.  This warranty does not include damage from normal use, wear and tear, unauthorized changes or modifications or any abuse or neglect. 

How to find a leak and use the included patch kit: 
Submerge your inflated pad in water until the telltale line of bubbles ascends from somewhere on the pad. The bubbles will indicate where the leak is coming from. Do not use soap or chemicals to find the leak.  You will have to completely remove these before using the patch kit.  Once you have found the leak circle the hole with some chalk and let the pad dry completely before patching.   Before using the patch kit, the pad will need to be deflated.  Your patch kit includes two pieces of fabric, one to match the top fabric and one to match the bottom fabric.  (Note: Check each side of the pad for holes. It is possible that the hole is on both sides of the pad.)    Choose the right patch color for your pad and cut the fabric large enough to cover the hole with at least a half inch overlap an all sides.  Apply the included adhesive to the patch liberally so that it can absorb into the fabric and create a good bond.  Apply a little pressure a hold in place until it binds.  This will take around 10 seconds.  Please wait at least 6 hours for it to cure before inflating the pad.

Where to find the included patch kit:
The patch kit is usually located in an internal pocket sewn to the top portion of the stuff sack near the drawstring. If you have the Double V pad, the patch kit is sitting loose inside the stuff sack.  If it is not found there, we would be happy to send you a patch kit for your pad.  I just need your full name and a shipping address.

New Replacement Patch Kit:
Klymit has a new patch kit and repair guide available here. It has two ultra-strong Gear Aid Tenacious Tape patches, glue, and instructions. This patch kit works faster than the included patch kit that came with your pad.  It can also be used to repair tents, clothing, jackets, backpacks, vinyl rafts, and more.

Valve Leaks
We have different types of valves (flat valve, twist only valve, push-pull valve, pump valve). To get more information about our valves and find how-to troubleshoot, click here

Can you use the pad inside a sleeping bag?
Yes, many of our customers love this option because they stay perfectly oriented on the pad all night long.

Do you have to use the pad inside your sleeping bag?
No, many prefer it underneath.

How many breaths to inflate?
It takes 3 to 7 breaths for Inertia pads, and 10-25 for the Static pads.

What is the best way to roll up my pad?
Please visit our YouTube channel for instructions on how to pack your Static V pad. Rolling & Packing Your Klymit Static V Camping Pad:
The air can get caught behind a weld or fold. First, do a quick roll without any folds with the valve open at the far end. Then fold in fourths lengthwise and roll while guiding the air out from between the welds toward the valve.

What is the Dry Air Pump for?
The dry air pump is for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface. You can pressurize the pads to your comfort preference.

Do I have to use the Dry Air Pump?
No, most users prefer the pad softer than fully mouth inflated.

What is included with the camping pad?
A stuff sack, patch kit, (and bulb pump are included for the pads that use them). 

Sleeping Bag FAQ

Is there a warranty? 
Klymit sleeping bags are warranted for a period of two years from the date of purchase.  This warranty does not include damage from normal use, wear and tear, unauthorized changes or modifications or any abuse or neglect. To make a warranty claim please click here.

How do I care for my sleeping bag?
For more information on caring for your sleeping bag, please reference this link.

How do I store my sleeping bag?
We recommend storing your KSB Down sleeping bag in a dry location in the provided mesh storage sack.  It is about 3 times the size as the stuff sack.  This will preserve the fluff of the down.

How do I clean/wash my sleeping bag?

  • For down bags, hand-washing in a bathtub works best. Fill the tub with warm water and add a gentle non-detergent soap or one reccomended for washing down bags. Put the bag in and gently work in the soap, then allow it to soak for 15 minutes. Drain the tub and press out any remaining water. In a cold-water rinse, work the soap out gently, let the bag sit for 15 minutes and drain. Press out any remaining water. Repeat the rinse until all the soap is out. It's also possible to machine wash a down bag as long as a front-loading washer is used. Never use an agitator-style machine as the motion can damage the stitching and insulation. Make sure to wash on the gentle cycle in cool water with one of the aforementioned down soaps.  

  • Drying instructions: To dry your down sleeping bag, set your dryer on the lowest heat setting and check often to make sure it is not too hot. If it is too hot you will run the risk of melting the fabic on your sleeping bag.  The fluff or tumble setting without heat is the safest way to dry your bag.  When the bag is nearly dry, add two or three clean tennis balls or a pair of clean sneakers to the dryer.  This will help break up any clumps in the bag and will help to restore the loft. You will know when your bag is fully dry when the musty smell is gone and no clumps of down remain.  Make sure your bag is thoroughly dry before placing it in its mesh storage bag.  You can also hang the bag overnight to make sure it is fully dry after drying it in the machine. 
Leaking Feathers
It is not unusual for a few feathers to come through the tight weave fabric of your KSB down sleeping bag on occasions. If the feathers are not coming from a hole in the fabric or a loose seam and it is only loosing a few feathers with each use that is actually normal.  Your KSB has a down (80%) and feathers (20%) combination fill.  The down is all soft and fluffy.  The feathers have a stiff stem at the center.  This stiff stem can at times make its way through the fabric.

If you find a puff of down and feathers coming from the bag when it is compressed please let us know and we can make a repair. To make a warranty claim please click here.

Realigning the zipper
To realign the zippers, pull both zipper sliders to the foot end of the bag and pull out the right side of the zipper tape.  Then with the two sliders lined up at the foot end of the zipper tape, insert the zipper pin back into the two zipper sliders.  This functions just like a two zipper slider found on some jackets.  This should realign the elements on the zipper.

Water Resistance Treatment
Our KSB Sleeping bags are water resistant. The outer fabric has a durable water repellant (DWR) treatment to protect the insulation from moisture that can impede thermal performance and add weight.  If you need additional protection you can use a waterproofing spray made for outdoor gear. It is important however that your bag is still able to "breathe" and release water vapor as you sleep so that you don't have a moisture buildup inside your bag as you sleep.
Regular size or Oversized Reccomendations
The best way to determine which KSB is right for you is to take your widest girth measurement.  It is either around your shoulders or your waist.  The girth on the KSB is 60 inches.  The girth on the KSB Oversized is 80.5 inches.  I have also noticed that people with long arms also prefer the elbow room on the KSB Oversized sleeping bags.

Backpack FAQ

For a video tutorial on what to do as soon as you get your pack, Click here

Is there a warranty? 
Klymit backpacks are warranteed for a period of two years from the date of purchase.  This warranty does not include damage from normal use, wear and tear, unauthorized changes or modifications or any abuse or neglect.  To make a warranty claim please click here.

My Airbeam Frame Sheet is larger than the pocket, is that normal?
All Airbeam Frame sheets are built slightly larger than the intended pocket on purpose, by folding down the top of the frame sheet under the velcro, it adds a slight curve to the lower part of your back for extra comfort and allows the Airbeam Frame sheet to hold the backpacks weight better.

How much should I inflate my Airbeam Frame Sheet?
The beauty of the Airbeam Frame Sheet is that is is fully customizable to your level of stiffness. However, as a general rule most people like somewhere between 50-70 pumps