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A 3/4 length version of the Inertia X Frame™ sheds every ounce possible, is ultra compact, super comfortable, and weights a mere 5.6 ounces – the lightest pad in its class. Body mapping technology puts support where its needed, deep welds up the thermal efficiency, and patent-pending Loft Pocket Technology positions the chambers to maximize your sleeping bag’s performance and eliminate unnecessary materials that add weight. It inflates in just a couple of breaths, packs to about the size of a banana, and is built with durable fabrics for years of use.

  • Minimalist Design: Advanced patterning removes all extraneous material to creates an ultralight, minimalist design that delivers comfort and support for only 5.6 oz. and packs to 2.5” x 5.5”.
  • Body Mapping: Advanced patterning places chambers only where padding is needed and eliminates them where they are not, allowing us to shed significant weight without sacrificing comfort.
  • Loft Pockets: Empty spaces between the chambers serve as expansion zones that allow your sleeping bag to fully loft beneath you, maximizing its thermal performance.
  • The Right Size:: At 48” long, the streamlined size is tapered to fit the body and allows the pad to be used inside or outside of your sleeping bag.
  • Inflation and Deflation: : Pad rapidly inflates in as few as 2-4 breaths, and a hand pump is included for more rapid inflation and the ability to reach a higher PSI. The valve’s intelligent design allows for micro adjustments to fine tune pressure and comfort.
  • Patch Kit included for emergency repairs
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When will the Inertia X Lite be back in stock?
Question by: Jonathan Meikle on Nov 8, 2017, 8:53:03 PM
Hi, I have an inertia x lite.
I bought one from Backcountry last year and returned it last fall because it did not stay inflated for more than an hour, Backcountry sent a replacement Last fall, I did not test it until this past week on a trip.
I wonder if I am not setting it up properly, it leaks air out of the relief valve that is part of the bike pump inflation port.
It is flat after 5 minutes. Is there something I could try to stop the relief valve from leaking? Any suggestions are appreciated.
Question by: Brian Swanson on May 26, 2018, 8:32:44 PM