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Sleep Outside™ with the ultimate in packable luxury. When your biggest priority is extra room to stretch and roll, the Static V Luxe™ has got you covered. This generously wide version of our trademark V-Chamber design is large enough to accommodate the broadest shoulders. It’s the perfect option for those who toss, turn, and tend to roll off narrower sleeping pads, yet it still packs small.

  • Body Mapping Technology: Our patented V-shaped design delivers support and comfort no matter how you sleep – on your side, stomach or back.
  • Side Rails: Integrated into the patterning and construction, they provide a secure, comfortable sleep by centering you on the pad and inhibiting air movement while tossing and turning.
  • Deep Weld Patterning: Unlike traditional pads that flatten the bag’s fill, Deep Welds create expansion zones that allow your bag to fully loft beneath you for improved thermal comfort.
  • Twist-Pull Valve: Secure and simple, it allows inflation in as few as 10 breaths and opens wide for rapid, complete deflation.
  • Patch Kit included for emergency repairs
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Hi, I am hoping you have a device to blow this pad up. Do you have a stuff sack or hand held device. I know I would get dizzy and light headed blowing up an air pad this size. Thanks
Question by: Cassandra Fordham on Aug 27, 2018, 2:06:25 PM
HI in recently bought the whiskey park 0 degree bag and wanted a sleeping pad to match it but this one seems worthy enough even though it eont fit in the sleep. The thing is though I bought the bag because the way me and my women sleep we can both share this sleeping bag because it's big enough. But my only problem is I can't find out how much weight this thing can take before it pops and the valves blow. I'm 100 and she's 120. Would you be able to find the weight capacity for me. I didn't want to buy a double wide sleeping pad because I like to use 1 person tents for the weight and how small they pack and need a sleeping pad that'll fit in the tent. This would be perfect cause we sleep side by side but I just need to know the capacity
Question by: Joshua Lamoureux on Dec 1, 2017, 7:03:55 PM
I recently bought the Static V Luxe and thought it was great! The first night I slept on it though, it did deflate a decent amount. Is this normal? There was still air in the pad, just not completely full like the beginning of the night.
Question by: William Schlosser on Jun 11, 2018, 1:46:56 PM