Air Frame Technology™

Air Frame Technology™ leverages the technology and comfort of our sleeping pads in a pack frame. Durable and exceptionally lightweight, Air Frame Technology™ offers padding and support, superior freedom of movement, and can be instantly adjusted to fine tune performance to meet shifts in terrain and situations.

  • Adjustable Pressure: Integrated pump allows on-the-fly adjustments to control level of padding, support and flexibility.
  • Full Range of Motion: The technology’s inherent flexibility allows the pack to move with your body for exceptional balance and agility.
  • Ultralight: Because it uses air, not plastic or aluminum, Air Frame Technology delivers its high level of performance for exceptionally little weight.

Body Mapping Technology

To achieve maximum comfort and insulation for minimal weight, our pads use Body Mapping technologies to focus padding and support where your body needs it, and eliminate materials where there is no need for them. We approach this two ways:

  • Ultralight Body Map (Inertia Pads): The Inertia sleeping pads place support only where your body touches the sleeping surface. Remaining areas are removed to minimize weight. Removing these chambers improves air circulation, makes inflation quick and easy, and creates Loft Pockets that allow your sleeping bag to maximize its thermal performance. The Inertia X Lite and Inertia X Frame use an ultra minimalist mapping technology, the Inertia O Zone pads leverage a more neutral body map.
  • V Chamber Body Map (Static Pads): Our specially developed V-shaped design delivers superior support and comfort no matter how you sleep – on your side, stomach or back. The V-shape couples with integrated side rails to trap air so it does not shift from chamber to chamber. The result is uniform, consistent support at all points of contact – head, hips, shoulder – so comfort and insulation are never compromised.

Loft Pockets and Deep V Welds

While traditional flat pads compress your sleeping bag’s fill and impact its ability to trap body heat, our pads’ leverage construction technologies that allow your bag to loft at the bottom – as it does at the top – and help you retain more body heat for a more comfortable sleep. We employ two lofting technologies:

  • Loft Pockets: Strategically placed voids in the pad architecture allow your sleeping bag’s fill to expand into an empty space for maximum thermal performance top and bottom.
  • Deep V Welds: A deep welding pattern create expansion zones that allow your sleeping bag to loft beneath you for improved thermal comfort and a more efficient sleep.